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January 30, 2013
by countryfun
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Snowflakes A Plenty

I love making snowflakes. Have always loved making snowflakes, but it’s not always the easiest project to do with young children with beginning scissor skills. It isn’t always easy with older children that see lacy, involved snowflakes in their mind, but cutting the design is not feasible. Then you have all that paper – scraps, waste? – newspapers or magazine just don’t work the same as white paper. But making snowflakes is part of the experiences we want for our children right? For me the answer is yes.

Here’s where technology has come in handy this year. I found a sight that allows one to design snowflakes for free with the click of a mouse ~ SnowDays – It’s Always Snowing. Now there are other sites online, but this one worked the best for us. Even my 2 yr old enjoyed. I handled the mouse click and she moved my hand where she wanted. She not only had fun controlling my hand, but the excitement as she saw what was developing. I just kept seeing a smile and hearing “Pretty!”

We all made multiple snowflakes, watched many fall, checked out where others that were made were from and even went on a snowflake search.

Don’t worry we gets lots of scissor time here. Making snowflakes is not about scissor time, but that finished lacy snowflake.


January 8, 2013
by countryfun
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The Mitten is The Mitten or is It?

As part of our science and math learning during this snowy month of January we compared 2 versions of the folktale – The Mitten (original inspiration: Golden Gang Kindergarten). We then made a Venn Diagram of these 2 books: The Mitten by Alvin Tresselt  and the one we already knew by Jan Brett  ~ The children discussed their observations about what was the same and different between these 2 stories. I wrote their observations onto our large white board, placing into the correct sections, as guided by the kids.  

During rest-time, I used to find creative commons photos of the characters in each version to make a visual version of our Venn Diagram for The Mitten.

You may notice a part of the Venn Diagram is missing – I left that out for the children to draw in themselves as part of understanding how a Venn Diagram works.

January 11, 2012
by countryfun
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More Snow…at least indoors

Our lessons around that wonderful white stuff that we usually have plenty of by now continues. It’s great these kids have imaginations and memories of snow in years past. This is one of my favorite lesson units – there are just so many activities and wonderful books around snowmen.

We’ve been doing a lot of talking about what happens to snow when the sun is out and it warms up. In looking for an activity that included that I came across a cute, simple sequencing sheet from Today in First Grade.  When I saw it I knew I could pair it with a couple of other simple activities I had seen from Frugal Family Fun and Family Fun to have a perfect project for this group.


Before we put our books together we did a sequencing activity with the pages. This group totally understands that a snowman melts when it gets warmer outside.


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