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September 1, 2015
by countryfun
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Summer 2015 Wrap

With more parents using Facebook and Google+ for the primary communication point to see quickly what’s been happening in their child’s day, I find I have been putting more photos up on those sites and less articles with details here. This has been especially true this summer.

Children love to see themselves, so as we switch over to the Fall and new school year, I pulled together a slideshow for them to view and talk about what they did this summer.

Here it is to share with you and for you to view with them.


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June 22, 2015
by countryfun
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Summer 2015 Begins

Another school year is behind us and the mixed-up summer schedule begins. Summer 2015 got off to a busy start.

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We’ll be checking out the progress on the new road and house to be built.
Also know the new playdough will gets lots of use as the old dried out was used until I tossed it out. The playdough recipe is the same one I made with my mom and sister to play with. I’ve tried many of the others out there, but still go back to this one that’s easy to make and lasts so long. (recipe posted on Arts & Crafts blog)

July 3, 2014
by countryfun
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School-age Changes Up Summer Activities

Providing summer care means more time with my school-age children which means I get to stretch my creative side a bit more. Whether it’s pulling together supplies for designing outside obstacle courses or hunting down stored craft project supplies for a surprise project request, I’m never quite sure what each day will bring.

When the weather is sunny and pleasant we spend our days outside.  Six hrs. of sandbox or bike play days on end doesn’t work however, so it’s important to have water play time as well as focused active play.

This week saw carnival games……

carnival games

The first water play of the summer is always fun and the slip and slide is a yearly hit, even in a fairly flat yard space.

IMG 1486 from Country Fun Child Care on Vimeo.

Then the heat/humidity and rain hits which means inside play. If you follow on Facebook you saw the marble raceway I brought out yesterday in action.

Here’s what it looked like during afternoon play and the children having control of the photos. (I always like seeing events from their viewpoint. It’s informative.)


As I mentioned at the beginning, summer is also about creative arts & craft projects. Watercolors have been used a lot this past year by the younger group, so I wasn’t surprised when some school-age asked for them. What I loved is that they painted pictures not only for themselves, but for the younger children as gifts.

DSC04915  DSC04918  DSC04917

Now the watercolors were easy, but the idea of making a headband was definitely unexpected. First step: internet search directions for a 5 strand braid. Then find a stretchy material to use. I hunted for 15 minutes for the ball of homemade t-shirt yarn without success. That meant a raid on my fabric stash where I came up with yardage of a white knit. Knew we had options for adding color later – fabric markers, food coloring or Sharpies with rubbing alcohol. Thought the girls might pick the latter as they’ve done that process before. You can see the how by clicking here.

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