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May 20, 2013
by countryfun
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Sunny Means Lessons Change

Last week was one of those Springtime weeks made up of really nice, sunny days. That means we were outside pretty much all day every day. That means no projects, which is ok, because around here learning occurs from whatever we are doing. I had planned on doing lessons on self and senses. They got shelved and it became all about Dandelions and Bugs.

dandelions The fields around us are loaded with dandelions which means lots of bouquets to go home at night. These sunny yellow flowers are a child magnet. A good chance to talk about sharing with someone you love, best ways to pick, length of stems, color, plant parts, life cycle of the dandelion.

and grub Grubs are easy to find in the newly weeded or turned gardens around here. The white grub is the larval form of the Japanese beetle.  A good time to learn how some insects and bugs are not of benefit and ok to smoosh. Another life cycle to learn about.

and June Bug This large beetle lets one get a closer look at the parts of a bug. We know these as the May or June Bug. It is a large (about 1″ long), slower moving bettle that we could see the hair on the legs, antenna and mouth parts. Yes, we smushed this one also, as they eat foliage and the grub larve eat roots of plants. Not good.

Checked into the sprouting garden. peas up 2013 DSC03107

and managed to get lots of pretend play in around camping. campfire DSC03108


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