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July 17, 2014
by countryfun
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One Pool Noodle and (at least 2) Marbles = Science and Fun!

If you search pool noodles online you will find lots of creative ways to use this easy to find, low cost item with children. I have used for building blocks, ordering ABC’s and numbers, making obstacles courses, whack the beach ball…..

Using the marble raceway set recently reminded me of an idea I had seen where a large pool noodle was cut in half and used as a raceway.


I just happen to have a few large noodles ready laying around and needing a new activity for another inside summer day I got it out. Pool noodles cut really easy with a serrated knife.

I cut completely through one side and then deeper so I was going part way into the opposite side. This allowed the pool noodle to open flat without separating into two pieces. (I taped for a bit more support as the noodle began to be bent in many directions)DSC05066

Then we just needed to add children, their creativity and marbles.

They found out they needed to capture the marbles and they needed a way to hold them at the top for an even start. I solved the start by cutting a slit across the noodle which would fit a jumbo craft stick.DSC05067 Perfect size for smaller fingers to handle – easy in and out.

IMG 1505 from Country Fun Child Care on Vimeo.

Many items have been used to capture the marbles as the children continue to explore the raceway.DSC05065

Where’s the science?

  • problem solving
  • discovering which size marble runs best and why
  • how curving the noodle affects run of the marbles
  • how angle (slope) of run affects speed
  • differences in number of marbles run together

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