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June 28, 2018
by countryfun
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What’s Ahead and A Look Back…….

Changes Ahead:

Country Fun Child Care program of care will change as of June 30, 2018. For the first time in 30 years summer care will not be offered. Country Fun will begin following the local public school’s schedule. Care will only be offered on days that public school employees are required to be at work. This means Country Fun will be closed for all school vacation weeks, major celebrated holidays and snow days. When open care will still be offered from 7:30am to 5:30pm. Our program will still be very child directed and play based for the mixed ages here in care.

Now for a look back (9/17 to 6/18):

Through the seasons whether it was: exploring the natural environment; cooking together; making and shaping playdough; exploring art mediums; using technology…….. we did it together and enjoyed ourselves.

Spending our days together it’s easy to forget all the growth that has occurred for each child. Whether it was physical, emotional or academic knowledge – looking back over images capturing little moments (like those here) reinforces that growth did occur.


December 26, 2016
by countryfun
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Snapshots of 2016


It’s always fun to look back through some of the snapshots of the past year. What I love is the active play, smiles, cooperation, friendships and investigation that I see in these snapshots. ~


December 11, 2015
by countryfun
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A Clear Dust Collection Hose + Children = Learning

I’ve been teaching a long time and have a good file of teaching ideas to pull from, but I get excited by new ideas and approaches. For that reason I enjoy following the blogs and Facebook pages of others who work with children in many capacities. Play Counts has a clear tube that the children in her program use for exploring. I was able to add one to our space and have not been surprised by the usage. When children are allowed to explore their environment it’s exciting to observe where they go.

November 4, 2015
by countryfun
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It’s 60+ Out!

We spend a good portion of our days outside, but when it’s November, blue skies and over 60 degrees, we are totally outside except for lunch and rest time.

Our outside play supports creativity, fine and gross motor skills, social interactions, math, science and language development.

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How Does It Work? from Country Fun Child Care on Vimeo.

300+ crows flying over head will definitely get a WOW! An unexpected lesson on migration, listening for “caws”, labeling parts of a bird compared to ourselves, new words, and lots of movement flapping our wings as we flew around the yard 22162728764_bab836e197_o

IMG_0615 from Country Fun Child Care on Vimeo.
Leaf play is daily occurrence around here in the Fall and some good exercise for the raker (me).

IMG_0641 from Country Fun Child Care on Vimeo.
First time using the walking toy outside here.

IMG_0638 from Country Fun Child Care on Vimeo.

July 15, 2014
by countryfun
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When Engaged – Learning Just Seems to Happen

So much of the learning that occurs here comes about naturally through play. I think that’s great and really the best way for children to truly learn what they need when they need it. That’s not to say I do not do direct teaching of concepts. That’s needed at times. It also doesn’t mean I do not set up opportunities to stretch areas of interest, set up problems to be solved, or flat out challenge the children to an activity.

I love sitting back and observing as the children here take a simple activity and stretch it themselves. Adding in a word or two supports their efforts and also lets them know I’m aware and supportive of what they are doing.

The morning of 7/14 found me organizing and sorting out items that I have not used in years, yet are taking up precious shelf space in the room, as the children arrived. They offered to help. I told them I wanted to be sure all the puzzle pieces were present. They offer to make the large floor puzzles up. I told them “to go for it.”

What happens next:

  • communication
  • team work
  • lots of practice around the ABC’s and numbers
  • words were read
  • ordinal practice with ABC’s and numbers through 20
  • self awareness
  • feeling of accomplishment
  • puzzleorganize

To actually see in action watch this video:

This video shows another way they naturally extended the learning. This puzzle was checked for all it’s pieces and they started to then place in order.

Then you get to see their creative side emerge while using the slip ‘n slide. Have you every somersaulted down one? Or maybe been a sliding train? If you don’t feel like getting wet then it’s digging a “super hole” or testing out your balance on the slack line.


Everything stopped instantly when Mr. Toad was spotted hiding on the climbing gym. Observe. Talk about. Question.

Then back to playing.

January 21, 2014
by countryfun
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Wintery Play

Our morning started with some play on the snowbanks. With no sliding hills have to get creative.

I have 4 pairs of children’s snowshoes that can be used at anytime there is snow on the ground. There have been years when they were used a lot because the children were on the older side and could go off around the yard and surrounding year without me in direct attendance.

The young group I have now have not used them, so having a nice day with new snow and only 3 children it was a perfect time to expose them to the snowshoes and see where the interest went…….

It went farther than I expected.

Once they got comfortable with what I call “wide walking”, not giant stepping around the yard they wanted to explore farther afield. They waited patiently while I got my snowshoes out and on. Then off we headed……..

I ended up hiking the last half of the walk with a 3 yr old on my shoulders (snowshoes and all), but I was so pleased with the willingness of the boys to stay with it once started out.

I know the snowshoes will be used again this winter.

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