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November 25, 2014
by countryfun
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Turkey Time

With Thanksgiving this week it was time to connect the books we’ve been reading and discussions about why our families are celebrating Thanksgiving. What better than a turkey made with hand and foot prints.

In this activity the feathers will be formed by 3 handprints on a half paper plate (quick lesson point on whole and half). Easy to do with the 3 colors of red/orange/yellow (another quick lesson on 2 primary colors and the color you get when they blend). The body will be a traced foot. The legs accordion folding (good for directions and fine motor).

I started with 3 recycled cookie tin covers that each had 1 color. One color in front of each child and their paper plate half.

Directions- Gently place your hand into the paint, moving around to get paint on all your fingers. On the count of 3 lift your hand out and place on your plate wherever you want that color.


Nice project for working on following directions, counting sequence, and tactile comfort.

Time to wash up those hands, as we will rotate the color tins for the next handprint.

As we are heading to the sink the power cuts off. On a private well that means limited water in the lines, so how are we going to wash up after each color?

Solution: 1 bowl with a little water to swish in and then towel remaining color off. Nothing wrong with having to adapt and flex in a project – just another lesson point for the children.IMG_1905

We proceeded to rotate the color tins and print our hands.

IMG_1903 IMG_1906Interesting that this time the children kept using the same hand. Not sure if this was because we washed after each color or if they figured out how to keep 1 hand clean.

Set aside plate to dry and time to move, so we can trace a foot.

IMG_1907 Option to cut themselves or have me cut.

Discussion on what a turkey face looked like from stories read.

IMG_1908 Almost done.

Time for more direction following practice with accordion folding 2 orange paper strips. Needed to remind them to flip back and forth, not wrap around. As they got comfortable they hurried and that’s when I’d see a wrap around.

Opening an accordion fold always brings smiles, sense of accomplishment/success. IMG_1910

Last step to glue our turkey bodies in place.


Successful project from the process/learning side and a fun product the children were excited to take home.

Power still off, so time for a final hand cleaning with liquid hand sanitizer before head off to play.

October 31, 2013
by countryfun
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Sensory Play – First Exploration of Cracked Corn

I love cracked corn for sensory tub play. With Fall here and bird feeders back up it was the perfect time to fill the sensory tub up with cracked corn. (If you haven’t played in cracked corn the softness experienced is a surprise.)

Playing in a sensory tub allows for so much learning that is child directed. Their imagination (brain) is engaged as they explore.

Fine/Gross motor skills:
Muscles are used without thought as they dig, pour, pinch, hold….

Cognitive development:
science concepts
make predictions
understanding about the world around them

Language development:
words that describe sensations and actions
question what they think about what is happening
social communication

Here’s a look at a recent first experience in the cracked corn. cheese! Before getting into the exploration need to get the camera greeting out of the way. Love how I always get a “Cheese!” whenever the camera comes out from L. Even if she is nowhere near the camera/photo being taken I hear “Cheese”.

Exploring alone is fun, but it’s interesting how it changes when a slightly older friend who has enjoyed this experience before arrives and joins in.


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