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May 16, 2016
by countryfun
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It’s Rhubarb Time!

We’re back in the garden! Harvesting from the rhubarb bed has started. That means lots of kitchen time with the children here. We’re using some of our favorite recipes which you can find in postings on Countryfun is Cooking. Just search “rhubarb”.

This morning we made the Rhubarb Muffins to have for our afternoon snack.  A quick, easy and tasty recipe that also freezes well.

I enjoy being in the kitchen with the children. So many learning opportunities and there is usually something unexpected. Let’s start with Reading – idea of written directions in a recipe, names on ingredient containers, alphabet identification

Team work – gathering of materials, positioning to watch and help, working with peers and adult

Language – ingredients, tools, techniques, questions raised and answers provided


Math, science and social studies –  measuring ingredients and counting. We also compare measuring tools and talk fractions. Smell for vinegar and vanilla. Taste brown sugar.

Where do eggs come from? Love getting the store as an answer:) More discussion on eggs coming from chickens with the farmer bringing to the store. Even better answer of “Ducks!”

More science as oil and milk blend. Then brown sugar dissolving in liquid. Flour going from dry to wet as we mix ingredients together and finally the baking. More math when we set oven temp and time the baking.


Did you notice we used 3 different sized spoons in today’s baking? One of the children did. Thankfully he commented on the difference size handles, so I could take advantage of the observation for more learning. So of course we had a closer comparison of the 3 spoons for bowl size, handle length and a discussion on why they worked better for the reasons used for today. Largest for mixing. Middle for scooping dough for muffins. Smallest for scraping dough off scooping spoon.


Last counting for this morning equaled 24. The recipe made 2 dozen muffins loaded with rhubarb – one very healthy and underused early spring vegetable.


February 17, 2013
by countryfun
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Getting Involved with 5-2-1-0 Let’s Go!

For those that are members of the Country Fun family you know that healthy practices have always been a part of the program. In the last few years I have been aware of and accessed information on healthy practices from our local Let’s Go! program’s online toolkit, in addition to the different workshops in nutrition I’ve attended. I have held off becoming directly involved in 5-2-1-0 Let’s Go! because of their directives/goals around screen time. We did not meet it with our use of technology. Over the last year there has been a new position being taking nationally regarding screen time. It is now being seen as recreational vs educational. With this change it was time to become directly involved, so I have submitted my application/registration, program self-assessment, met with the program’s representative to develop an action plan, and begun work on the goals. There will be another meeting to assess how the goals have been met this Spring.

Let’s Go! is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program designed to
increase healthy eating and active living in children from birth to 18. Let’s Go! works in six
sectors (schools, early childhood, after school, healthcare, workplace and community) to
reach children and families where they live, study, work, and play. Let’s Go! is centered on
the common message of “5-2-1-0”.

The 10 Let’s Go! evidence-based strategies connect to Let’s Go!’s core message and align with
the CDC and the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations to prevent childhood obesity. Our program goals will be focused on these strategies to improve environments and written policies.

Let’s Go provides free continuing education workshops for involved programs, and guidance and assistance to support them in the adoption of the 10 strategies. These strategies are what the action plan goals will be developed around. The first 5 are what I will be focusing on.

1. Provide healthy choices for snacks and celebrations; limit unhealthy choices.
2. Provide water and low fat milk; limit or eliminate sugary beverages.
3. Provide non-food rewards.
4. Provide opportunities for children to get physical activity every day.
5. Limit recreational screen time.

..As opportunities arise we will also branch out to include the remaining 4 strategies.

6. Participate in local, state, and national initiatives that promote healthy eating and active living.
7. Engage community partners to help support and promote healthy eating and active living at
your site.
8. Partner with and educate families in adopting and maintaining a lifestyle that supports healthy
eating and active living.
9. Implement a staff wellness program that includes healthy eating and active living.
10. Collaborate with Food and Nutrition Programs to offer healthy food and beverage options.

I have already started to rewrite policies that reflect current practice and areas we are working to improve. All policies can be found under Parenting Information/Handbook for CF.

I have also provided materials on healthy food practices under Speciality Blogs/CF is Cooking in the sidebar and under Healthy Snacks in the top menu. Please access this information to support your healthy food practices at home.


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