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December 12, 2014
by countryfun
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Sticky Snow Lessons

After days of rain and grey skies we are out and playing in the snow that fell overnight night. A perfect snow for footprints and snowmen.


After a quick stomp around, we headed for the garden. I needed to compost the apple peelings and cores from the homemade apple sauce.

The deer have been into the garden to enjoy the green tops left for them of broccoli and brussels sprout, so the children and I spread the apple peelings around in that area. DSC05849

Then we followed some of the deer tracks out into the surrounding field. The field is criss-crossed with tracks this morning. DSC05851

On walking back through the garden we spotted the kale bed. After finding more tracks, the children quickly commented “that the deer had eaten all the kale”. However, in digging around in the snow we found 2 kale plants that were buried. DSC05854 We uncovered the kale and harvest just enough to add to today’s lunchtime salad. We decided to leave the rest for the deer to enjoy.DSC05855

Then it was time to build a snowman. This snowman was built from packed snow. The snow was sticky, but not rolling well. We settled on peanuts for the eyes, corn cob for the nose and spray painted the mouth. DSC05857  Painting snow is always a hit.DSC05861 DSC05862

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