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Self- Esteem

Trying New Things

Children who like themselves develop the confidence to try new things. The greater your child’s self-esteem, the more willing they will be to try something new and continue without giving up. It’s a skill that increases your child’s success in school and in life! when you celebrate the things that make your child special, you help increase their confidence.

  • Praise your child for trying new things even if they do not succeed at the start. Be positive and patient.
  • When praising your child begin your statement with “I like…”. Keep the praise specific and truthful.

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I Am Unique

The following is all about self-esteem. I don’t remember where I first came across the material, but I copied it down and have it posted as a small poster/sign in my space. Looking at this regularly helps me keep focused on what is important to me in my work with children. I want to help each get a good start on their path to a successful and fulfilling life. Not what I want for them, what their parents want for them, but what they want for themselves. Children need to learn who they are and what they are capable of. With positive self-esteem anything is possible. Development starts at the youngest point possible and must continue through all the developmental years of youth and young adulthood. Even as an adult, I still find myself working on my self-esteem. With all the negative messages that get sent out in today’s society, I’m glad I had a solid foundation in place during my younger years.

If the following triggers a response in you – copy and refer to often for the benefit of all.


I am the only unique me that will ever be.

I have the power to make a difference in this world.

I look forward to taking on the grand adventure of life, living, and always remembering to be myself.

I LOVE being me!





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