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Assessment/Screening Policy

Assessing children from birth to age 8 is difficult because of the fast rate of physical, motor, and linguistic development. Growth in the beginning years is also highly influenced by nurturing parents, quality caregiving, and the learning environment. The quick and simple assessments used need to be in the real environment and hands-on as young children learn best through doing and listening. They represent the child’s gained knowledge best by showing, rather than by talking or writing.

Assessment at Country Fun Child Care is used to support learning and instruction and to identify children who may need additional services. Decisions in regards to a child’s development are not based on one assessment.

Assessments provide insight into a child’s individual:

  • Physical health
  • Approaches to learning
  • Social and emotional development
  • Language and communication
  • Cognitive development and general knowledge
  • Motor development
  • Vision and hearing

To document the individual child’s development while at Country Fun Child Care, assessment will rely primarily on ongoing observation and documentation of behaviors and accomplishments using non-standardized methods such as:

  • Anecdotal records or brief notes taken throughout the day
  • The use of developmental checklists
  • Work samples, such as examples of representative work
  • Digital photographs of developmental accomplishments
  • Parent input (Families’ perspectives about their child are an important resource)
  • Videotaping

Each child’s private portfolio is available 24/7 online for viewing by guardians with the opportunity to comment.

I will be looking at major developmental milestones to assure that development appears to be progressing typically. If it appears that a child has not achieved the milestones or indicators typical for their age, then the appropriate outside services will be discussed with guardians. We will discuss further screen through the use of appropriate developmental screening tools. (developmental screening tools are designed to compare development to norms across domains)

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