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Care Slots and Available

I am more than willing to talk with interested parents about the program at any time. If I am not able to offer care I always try to connect parents with community resources that will help them find quality care that will fit their needs.

Maine Child Care Search – State of Maine government search point

In-Home Child Care Gorham listing – listing by state/county/town

At this time I have no current openings for any age and do not expect any in the near future. (3/16/17)


A Family Child Care Program license permits a qualified person to care for three (3) to twelve (12) children between the ages of six (6) weeks old and thirteen (13) years old, according to age groups and staffing requirements detailed in Section 10 of licensing rules.

Minimum age of child. A child must be at least six (6) weeks old, as verified by a birth certificate, to be accepted by the Family Child Care Program.

Country Fun has space for 12 children, but since I currently provide care for at least 1 child under 30 months of age my license is written for 8 children.

With a child under 2-1/2 the license changes to: 6 slots under 5 and 2 school-age / only 3 slots may be filled with a child under 30 months of age.

All slots can be filled with older children.


 My Current Rate Scale

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