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Remembering 2010

A semi-photo collage of 2010 activities that were posted about in detail to share with parents at the time. It’s fun to look back and see how many activities are seen here year after year. It’s also fun to see how the children have grown.

Our postcard Exchange for our state. 2010-12-13_1823~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I do not require any child to do anything in the garden, but rather welcome them to help plant, weed and harvest. In each of these processes we spend time discussing what we are doing, why and how. We talk about the different kinds of seeds, weather needed to grow each kind of vegetable/fruit, bugs, changes in plant structure as they are growing, what we will do with the harvest, etc. I have found that growing our own vegetables can get children to try ones they wouldn’t normally. It doesn’t mean they will like them, but at least will try them. Every year I try to grow one new vegetable for another new experience. The children that get involved in the garden are also very aware of the compost piles and rain barrel and what they are for. We also garden in my herb garden and perennial gardens. The herb garden is lots of fun, because every time we work around the herbs, every plant is pinched and smelled.




SANY2117 SANY2114 SANY2116 SANY2115

DSC04714 Necklaces become  DSC04716 ……… princess’ crowns.    DSC04717~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today we were visited by a one of a kind Boyasaurus!

SANY2362 SANY2364 SANY2365 SANY2369

SANY2368 SANY2366

It’s funny how like my young charges this Boyasaurus acted. Have a feeling we may see him again.



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