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Julie’s Chickens (’09)

This summer our friend decided to raise chickens. She has ten chickens that we have visited many times watching them grow from fuzzy chicks to egg laying age. On our latest visit we donned our hunter’s orange and headed across the field. Along the way we came across a den hole with what looked like skunk poop around it. We found the chickens outside their coop in the pen. After a noise greeting we headed inside to see some of the eggs they have begun laying. To our surprise there were 2 light blue eggs. Pretty soon we hope to be getting our eggs from these chickens.


A Favorite Fieldtrip (8/19/2010)
Now I don’t think of this as a fieldtrip, or even as something special or unusual, but it is a fieldtrip since we leave the property of the child care. The way the children act, to them it is something special. All I have to say is “I need eggs” or “Let’s go to Julie’s”, or “Anyone want to see the chickens?” and the children run for their shoes, the door and even Julie’s house. SANY1434

Now this is a walk we make almost weekly for the organic eggs I use in cooking and baking. We have seen these hens grow from the littlest chicks, worried when one got caught and hurt by the local fox (still wonder how she escaped), and even know some of their names.

SANY1438 SANY1441 SANY1442 SANY1443

I love the fact that I get to get these organic eggs, so fresh, and from a source I know. I love just as much that the children in my care are exposed to this experience in such a hands on way. It isn’t just one trip and done. It’s become part of our daily life. We’ve also learned about different kinds of hens, the life cycle, their needs, sounds, actions, and that fresh eggs are really good with very yellow yokes.  SANY1444 Yes, those are light blue eggs in there. Julie has 4 different breeds of layers, so the egg colors are different. So isn’t the size.

I feel truly blessed to live where I do and be able to offer the experiences of this environment to the children in my care.

Next week we need to walk up in the afternoon, so Julie will let the chickens out to free range while we visit. That’s really fun.

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