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Imaginations!!! (’10)

I love the imagination I get to see each day.

No-Snow Angels 🙂 (5/16/2010)

SANY0322 SANY0323


(4/30/2010)  Graffiti….

I am getting ready to gut the old day care space. All the equipment has been moved out and we are using a temporary space in the house.

This morning as the wind blow (hard enough to dry the clothes in under a half hour) and the kids were antsy to get outside, I walked through the old space and saw the large blank wall and thought – wouldn’t the kids have fun painting this! SANY0247

So out can the tempera paints, brushes, sponges, wine corks, paint mat and smocks. When I told them what they could do – excitement prevailed. [Now we did talk about how you didn’t color or paint on walls, furniture, etc., only on coloring paper, but that this was special and they had my permission to do it.] I wish the video camera had been charged – the laughs, talking, comments on colors being made where great. Enjoy the movie of still photos I took. Hopefully you can even see the ones where they were jumping to see how high up the wall they could paint.


The painting finally stopped, but only after all the paint was used up. We cleaned up, although I must say they were very neat throughout this fun project. Then it was outside to brave the wind.

SANY0279I love the wall of graffiti, but as with most graffiti – it will be gone in a couple of weeks. These pictures and the fun memories will remain.
(8/24/2010) A Jackson Pollack Masterpiece
We had a very creative morning, even if the rest of the day seemed ruled by the expected full moon tonight. Although I’m not very good at taking video, I had hoped to show the whole painting session, but the length was too much for posting. I have edited to show the creativity of the kids as best I could. I hope you enjoy the young artists at work.

pollock art

Our finished 4′ x 8′ piece. I think Jackson Pollock would have appreciated it. Now it just needs to be cut in half and framed before hanging in our new space.


This was a fun whole group project with a very specific purpose. We’ll be doing other Pollock style art work individually this Fall. His spatter style of painting is both easy and fun to do with young children. However, as prepared and careful as you are these projects are messy. I personally think the mess is totally worth it.

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