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July 17, 2013
by countryfun
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Catching Up

Well I’ve finally loaded the photos and videos from the past few weeks, so I’ll use this post to catch you up on some of what we’ve been doing and what I’ve seen.

Let’s start with the planting of the potatoes. We have never grown potatoes before so this is one hopefully successful experiment. It started by digging 2 trenches, laying in the seed potatoes and the covering that up.


Once these began to grow we filled in the trenches and banked the potato plants. Even little hands helped out.

We’ll do this a few more times and see how good a yield we get. I’ve heard digging potatoes is like hunting for buried treasure and these kids like treasure maps and hide ‘n seek.

Creative journals were made by a few. Recycling older blank dinosaur booklets with tissue papers and mod podge.


Also got some painting in. This time it was exploring watercolors.

DSC03295 DSC03296


Then there was the rose petal play dough we made following the recipe for fresh flowers play dough from Blog Me Mom. We used rose petals, lavender and sage flowers picked from the garden. We did a little smelling to figure out what flowers we wanted. The dough color choice was green for the leaves.

rose petal dough

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