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Techniques for Arts and Crafts Projects (4/14)

You can learn specific projects, but with knowledge about techniques you have the ability to adapt to meet specific needs and interests of children in your program. Most of the techniques that will be shared in this workshop are great for the preschool age, but also adaptable for both younger and older children.

In this workshop techniques will be demonstrated and discussed. Resource links will be provided. While techniques are demonstrated, brainstorming of usage will be discussed.



It’s about the process, not the finished product.

Embossing – have found best with kids is to use the finger

IMG_1260 Watercolors – quality paper is best

watercolors can be purchased liquid, dry trays, food coloring (dyed water) or recycled dry markers

Many different methods – 2 most common are dry brush and wet paper.

Wet paper has so many interesting results, but is definitely messier. For small group baking pans work best. For larger group recycle a shower curtain or vinyl table cloth (even low cost thin ones from dollar store work – just contains the water. I will often also add a layer of newspaper.

  • Explore using Sharpie markers and painters tape
  • Salt and rice and glue
  • Oil

Tools change technique so gather a tools basket or tub

Always having Textured papers on hand opens up activity options. Great way to let children try a technique multiple times.

Cut up a finished paper/piece that resulted from a time of  exploring  to get a finished art piece – even this is process.

Use techniques over each other  to continue exploration

Paint drag – completely cover paper with one color, then place another color at top and drag. Place another anywhere want drag… continue.  Will work on many kinds of paper. Have better results with larger sheets of paper and colors that are strong and different. We use rulers to drag with good results.

DSC04424 Paint blots – great for symmetry, color blending study. Can use the finished blot for collage work, backgrounds

Molding – recycled containers provide so many shapes. Tip is to overlay with plastic wrap for easy removal once project is dry.

Coffee filter with water colors or with markers. Color and spray with water. I recycle hair spray bottles. Push trigger lasts a long time, nice spray and little hands can work easily. laying out coffee filters on white or light paper the colors will blend onto for another usable outcome, besides the coffee filters once dried. Sometimes can even move and respray the coffee filter – another process to explore.

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