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What is Too Safe Play?

Are environments and experiences becoming too safe and/or sterile for children today? Does this support their development or actually hinder it? How do we balance the benefit of learning by trial and error/failure/taking chances and society’s need for everyone to be super safe?

I really like the reflection in practice this article and the linked resources bring up ~
Having worked with children in both the public schools and in my home child care for over 35 years I have seen a change in both what is allowed and expected while children play.
I come from the school that everything needs to be in balance. We can safely provide experiences for children to challenge themselves, face some fears and earn some sense of accomplishment.2011Outdoors
Children can climb trees – just limit how high and have limbs trimmed up enough that they need some body strength to reach them – no boosts allowed.


SANY0185 Light saber play ~ Set up a special place for it and make pool noodle saber for the younger ones to use.

Where do you draw the limit on safe play/activities?

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