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My Philosophy ~ What Directs My Program

What is my job as a teacher of young children?

In one sentence, for me it is to provide the children that come into my care with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed at whatever they choose to do.

Program at Country Fun Child Care ~

Learning at Country Fun Child Care is based on what I believe is the foundation of learning in young children – PLAY. I believe that young children should be provided the opportunities to use their natural curiosity to explore their environment, as learning isn’t about repeating what another says. Learning requires one to engage and experiment to find out how things work and that is what children do in their play. Activities are child-directed with adult support that provides expansion of their learning respecting the uniqueness of each child. Projects incorporated into our play are developed around the interests and skill levels of the children participating.

From my viewpoint Play has an essential role in a child’s overall development as it:

  • Fosters creativity and imagination.
  • Encourages cognitive, emotional, and social skills.
  • Cultivates initiative and independence.
  • Promotes problem solving and decision making.
  • Teaches emotional control.
  • Furthers cooperation with others.
  • Develops motor coordination and enhances overall physical health.

I do not adhere to one philosophy of teaching over another, but rather apply components of different philosophies that work within our learning environment meeting the individual needs and learning styles of each child. Whether inside or outside, the learning environment has been set up to meet the needs of each child at their developmental level. Through constant observation of the children and reflective evaluation of practices, using the Maine Early Learning Guidelines/Developmental Standards, the environment is modified to meet the ever changing needs of the children.

Through ongoing professional development I work to stay current on research and practices supporting my work with young children and their families. I am committed to working in partnership with families to create a consistent, safe and nurturing learning environment where their children develop a sense of belonging. Believing in a child’s need to learn who they are, what they are capable of and development of a positive self-image directs the variety of open-ended materials available for exploration within the program.

As an Early Childhood Educator, it is my responsibility to help the children in my care have a successful beginning on their learning path by supporting their abilities to:

  • develop a trusting relationship with adults
  • understand and follow routines
  • learn to transition between activities
  • collaborate and work together with peers
  • develop an understanding of themself as an individual
  • take the initiative, express opinions and make choices
  • view errors as learning opportunities
  • develop a strong oral and receptive vocabulary
  • develop readiness skills in math and reading
  • develop gross and fine motor skills



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