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Importance of Play

I have always believed in the value of play for the basis of learning in young children. The following quote from Fred Rogers of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood sums it up nicely for me.

“Play is an expression of our creativity, and creativity is at the very root of our ability to learn, to cope, and to become whatever we may be.”



Play Today by Leila P. Fagg

You say you love your children,
And are concerned they learn today?
So am I; that’s why I’m providing
A variety of kinds of play.

You’re asking me the value
Of blocks and other such play?
Your children are solving problems.
They will use that skill everyday.

You’re asking what’s the value
Of having your children play?
Your daughter’s creating a tower.
She may be a builder someday.

You’re saying you don’t want your son
To play in that “sissy” way?
He’s learning to cuddle a doll.
He may be a father someday.

You’re questioning the learning centers;
They just look like useless play?
Your children are making choices;
They’ll be on their own someday.

You’re worried your children aren’t learning,
and later they’ll pay?
They’re learning a pattern for learning,
For they will be learners always.


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