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About Country Fun

email contact: countryfuncc(at)yahoo(dot)com

I welcome any visitors that might find the information here useful to their work with children.  Please note that while most of the activities shown here are my original ideas, I am continually inspired by other resources and links will be made whenever possible.

All photos posted on this blog that I have taken of our setting and children, may not be used by anyone else without my written permission. Photos of art projects where child are not visible may be used, but please credit them to Country Fun.

Please follow the Creative Commons Licensing for use of material found on any site associated with Country Fun Child Care.

Parent communications is an important part of providing quality care to the children attending Country Fun Child Care.


In 2006, I started blogging as an alternative to the weekly parent letter that was typed up, printed out and handed out. Lots of effort, but the information was not held on to by busy parents where it was easily found when needed. Parents wanted the information, but I needed a way for them to have more immediate access when and where they needed it. The blog allowed for that. All types of information could be posted here and remained available to families with computer access. As parents requested more information the blog grew. After blogging for multiple years and changes to social media it became apparent that families would be better served if the information was shared over different venues.

Parent’s enjoy seeing photos and videos of what is happening here during our days, but needing to balance the time to post and the value of the information shared Facebook is providing a quicker option that families are accessing. It is also the best place to share our daily lunch and quick link to blog postings.

Again, I do not blog to earn money or drive followers. My focus is to provide the information my families want and need in a format that they can use easily. Facebook will be for those quick peaks and shares. Detailed postings will occur on the blog with links provided on Facebook. Seesaw will be used to document each child’s learning journey through a digital portfolio.

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