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Moving into Fall 2018

It’s always interesting to balance activities for infants/toddlers and preschoolers to be sure their individual developmental needs are being met, while being sure we’ve supported that all important jump to elementary school readiness. Activities here will remain children driven and natural play focused, but I will be adding in more teacher directed activities the preschoolers will have the option to engage in.

There will not be finished projects going home each night.

There will not be one expected learning outcome for everyone.

There will be the possibility of a complete ABC book made by each preschoolers by the end of the school year.

Seesaw will remain in use as the digital portfolio for each child. I am also hoping to expand it’s use for the preschoolers, so that they have more direct engagement of the app to capture their learning. Weekly Announcements on the letter for the week, books we will be reading, and any resource links to be shared will be sent for the preschoolers.

Facebook will still be used to share snapshots of activities, lunches, informational articles, and local events of family interest.

The blog will have more consistent weekly postings this year. My plan is to post more detailed information about the special focused books we’ll be sharing and any read-along videos links. Links for activities, as well as a look at outcomes will be posted. (Much of this information will also be sent through Seesaw Announcements.)

So let’s start with what to expect our first week – August 20th…….

This week will be all about getting back together, readjusting to the routine here, and welcoming 2 new friends.

Preschool activities will start the week of Aug. 27th, so be looking for a post on that the week of Aug. 20th. 

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