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What will children need to succeed in the future?

What do we feel students would need to succeed in the world of the future?

This interesting question was raised at training I attended for Adult Educators. Those present acknowledged that the only constant in education at this time and for the future is change.

On the way home I got thinking about this question in regards to the children, your children, that I work with. What did I see as their needs to succeed in the future? Also what do you as parents feel they will need to succeed? Then the next question is how do we work to meet these needs.

I believe all children will need the basics of education, but even more they will need the ability to communicate, an imagination, a willingness to explore, and a sense of self.

  • I do not think of communication as only verbal. There are many ways that we communicate  (written, sign, artistic, listening) and we need to be open to encouraging all areas, but especially the mode that best fits the ability of the child.
  • DSC07099I believe that without an imagination a child will struggle to learn. An imagination allows a child to think out of the box, problem solve, and be independent.
  • A willingness to explore to me means they are not afraid of making mistakes or failing at new things. They will ask questions, not necessarily excepting what just is or has been. There will be a flexibility to how they work and handle events that occur.
  • A sense of self is just that. They will understand their individual skills or strengths. They will accept their weaknesses and in doing so will find ways to work around them. They will develop that self confidence that will allow them to challenge themselves.

I am very interested in what you see them needing in the future that awaits them. This world  is changing so quickly, we cannot even imagine what the jobs of their future will be.

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