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Language Basics?


Having mixed ages in the program means I always have many developmental levels here at any given time. Language/speech is always an area where discussions on development and possible concerns are occurring with parents. I have my training in language development, but am always on the look out for relevant and understandable information to pass along to families.
This blog article from Twodaloo , a speech-language pathologist, clearly defines language, speech and communication.

I love how she starts from the belief point that before one can begin working to support a child’s language development, there needs to be a basic understanding of what language actually is. Makes sense doesn’t it, but how many of us understand the difference between language and speech?

That is what this series on Language Basics is going to support or develop our knowledge about.

I have enjoyed reading all the posting in this series. (Click here for a direct link to all postings.) On the same page you can also link to articles on developing language through sensory play, music and art.

I look forward to discussing any questions or points raised through these readings with you.

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