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Snowball Fight!!!

The weather has remained cold and we’ve managed to stay pretty activity inside, but it’s getting stale. How to mix it up? Everything has been snowmen around here for preschool, so I thought maybe an inside snowball fight might be fun.

In our block set I have a good collection of rolled odd socks that fit really nicely in small hands and wouldn’t hurt a bit if hit by. Snowballs figured out. Now how to surprise the kids, because the unusual was a big part of this.

I quietly made my way to the socks while the children were engaged in building a race track and garage for the cars. Got “C” to come help me and I explained what I wanted to do. Big smile! Knew I was on the right track.

We quietly worked our way to the other group and I let the “snowballs” fly. One of those times would have loved having a camera in place – the surprised faces were priceless. When I let the second round go and ran off they caught on and the snowball fight was on.

Finally found time to grab a camera~

Snowball Fight!!!! from Country Fun Child Care on Vimeo.

Half hour snowball fight a perfect mix up for another cold day.


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