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Dots + Numbers + Markers = Movement

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When I saw this Giant Dot to Dot on What We Do All Day, even before reading about what they did I knew I had to pin it onto my Keep Them Moving board. There are just so many ways this could be changed up to be used inside or out.

We’ve had a lot of very cold, too cold weather and I have an active group, so I decided to pull this together for the end of this week. We have been doing a lot of work with number symbols so review of that would work. have also been working on working together within the group, so figured it would be interesting to see how they worked crossing over each other as they found their numbers.

Lets start with a large sheet – very lucky to have paper rolls donated by family with connection to the paper mills in this state. 1 color per child – Rainbow colors worked just right – so draw 10 dots spaced randomly over then paper.


Then I needed to number 1 – 10 for each color of dots. Number randomly with the knowledge want the children to be searching and getting up and moving around the paper.


My 2 young helpers kept me straight on the colors and helped me count out each to ten. They were also in charge of photos. (not bad for a 2 and 3 yr. old)

DSC04041 DSC04050

Now to use.


We had lots of over, pushing, some frustration, and then support. The youngest just had fun scribbling. It worked for everyones ability and educational need.

Dot to Dot: Counting 1 – 10 Find Your Numbers from Country Fun Child Care on Vimeo.

Will be doing again. Thinking letter search to match pulled flashcards……….

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  1. I love how you got all the kids involved! I’m so glad we could inspire you.

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