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Never Know……

“L” has been picking up those little odd things you find on a floor when many active bodies are busy in the space. She is also into using tissues. She totally gets these items are to go into the trash and I get asked many times if she can put them in the trash.
Today I watched her walk by me to where the trash can is located and just stand there. Glad I decided to watch/observe before asking what she was doing.


Somewhere she figured out that crayons at times need to have paper peeled and that goes in the trash.


  • You can learn much if you step back for a moment and observe, rather than just instinctively react.
  • I can always be surprised.
  • Self-esteem or sense of accomplishment can, and often does, come from the simplest actions.

Author: countryfun

35+ yrs in the classroom ~ love teaching ~ PLAY! ~ technology in ECE ~ sharing books ~ STEAM starts in ECE ~ outdoors ~ being CREATIVE!!

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