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Sensory Play – First Exploration of Cracked Corn

I love cracked corn for sensory tub play. With Fall here and bird feeders back up it was the perfect time to fill the sensory tub up with cracked corn. (If you haven’t played in cracked corn the softness experienced is a surprise.)

Playing in a sensory tub allows for so much learning that is child directed. Their imagination (brain) is engaged as they explore.

Fine/Gross motor skills:
Muscles are used without thought as they dig, pour, pinch, hold….

Cognitive development:
science concepts
make predictions
understanding about the world around them

Language development:
words that describe sensations and actions
question what they think about what is happening
social communication

Here’s a look at a recent first experience in the cracked corn. cheese! Before getting into the exploration need to get the camera greeting out of the way. Love how I always get a “Cheese!” whenever the camera comes out from L. Even if she is nowhere near the camera/photo being taken I hear “Cheese”.

Exploring alone is fun, but it’s interesting how it changes when a slightly older friend who has enjoyed this experience before arrives and joins in.

Author: countryfun

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