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An Obstacle Course = Learning

So much learning occurs while children play.

They may not realize it, parents may not realize it, but I find myself always checking off in my head what learning I see happening. Maybe this is because I totally believe that play equals learning.

The obstacle course today was a great example of this. The videos here only shows a small part, but I hope you get a view of what I mean.

During this play I observed communication, listening, personal/social development (self control, self concept, self competence), problem solving, initiative, persistence, reflection scientific process, creativity, motor skills.

Science with ring toss, frisbee throw, balance, body movement, figuring out speed vs points.

Technology was with the usage of their personal iPods for timing and music. Mine was the iPad for photos/video.

Engineering was how they set up the course to take advantage of the space and equipment available. Building a tower of cardboard boxes as high as could.

Math really came into the activity for the older children with the timing and point tallies for each run. These were then averaged out to see how each did. Following multiple runs the numbers were compared.

Author: countryfun

35+ yrs in the classroom ~ love teaching ~ PLAY! ~ technology in ECE ~ sharing books ~ STEAM starts in ECE ~ outdoors ~ being CREATIVE!!

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