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All about “Love”

Mother’s Day is this weekend and if you are online or watching TV you are seeing ideas for special gifts for Moms. In child cares across the USA children are doing special projects for their Moms.

The Problem

In general I have a problem with doing special celebration projects directed at a specific individual with a group of children. Being a child who lost their father at a very young age and having to do Father’s Day projects in school with no Father to give them to I have a long standing bias on this. With all the changes we are seeing across our society to family structures this bias has been reinforced.

There have been years when I have done individual specific projects. There may have been a request by a child, or the make-up of the group was homogeneous, but usually the projects follow the direction of this one.

Solution …..    

My solution is to do projects that are not specific to individuals, but about a feeling.

This time we talked about “Love”. I offered a choice of words I could tape off for the children. As you will see some choose “MOM” most choose “LOVE”.

Everyone was involved, happy with what they accomplished and proud to give to someone(s) special to them.


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