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Our Morning……

Sometimes activities get changed up so children that are sick do not miss out on a project they have a special interest in or were part of initially. Today was an example of that. I had planned on completing a snowman art project, but one of the children that has been involved was out sick. The project will hold and the weather was just right for a walk. I needed eggs, so instead we got our boots on, stroller out and headed for Julie’s.

Along the way we found a neat piece of bark that we gathered to bring back for a closer look.  The boys also decided to explore the many snowmobile tracks that traverse the field. After some slip sliding they figured out how to walk them. Julie wasn’t home, but the chickens were out and seemed to enjoy the visit. We counted, observed and compared size, color, features and really watched to see if chickens blink, as that question was raised.

Then it was back home with time to feed the birds. Today we got to enjoy the chick-a-dees flying over our heads into the feeders as soon as we filled them. We found if we stood still and quiet 5 chick-a-dees would come in at one time. We also got to see them work open the shells for the seeds inside. It’s pretty neat to have birds that close.

Our morning ended with magnifying glasses in hand as we investigated the piece of bark we had gathered on our walk.  Look what they found while exploring:  Can you see the threads on the back of this back. We’ll be researching what that is this afternoon.

A lunch of homemade Potato Leek Chowder with crackers and oranges, was followed by story time.

We are having fun mixing in snowman stories as we continue to learn about animals during the winter. One of the bloggers I follow, Growing Book by Book , posted about their snowmen books and activities including a creative song sung to “Old McDonald Had a Farm”. We added it to our circle time today after using the flannel board to retell Sadie and the Snowman.


There was a snowman in our yard.

                                                    Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow [We changed to ~On a wintry day]

And on our snowman was a hat.

                               /h/ /h//h/ /h/ /h/  [ beginning sound ]

With a /h/ /h/ here and a /h/ /h/ there

Here a /h/, there a /h/ everywhere a /h/ /h/

There was a snowman in our yard

On a wintry day!

Repeat replacing the bold print with other items such as nose, button, mouth, etc. and their beginning sound.


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  1. So I gotta know….do they blink??

    • The kids told me “Their eyes open and close.”
      The answer is yes, but the neat thing is they have different eyelids than we do. Always learning when working with curiosity in it’s best form – young children.


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