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The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

We’ve ended up having a lot of fun with the books we’ve read this week. The finger play for Five Little Pumpkins – just love that Whoooooosh! and clap for ‘out go the lights’.  “Drat” was a favorite refrain with Big Pumpkin. The best was of course “BOO! BOO!” from The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. Would you be afraid of this?

The last two books were both Halloween books that had a problem to solve and it took working together to solve it. It wasn’t about the biggest, or strongest. It was about having an idea that involved everyone working together. This can be such a hard lesson to get across to children. In reading these books and discussing them every day this week the lesson is being absorbed. I am really finding a benefit in developing a deeper understanding of the books we read following our 3 A Day version of the 5 A Day reading program. 3 books is definitely the right number for the age and attention point of the children in my group.

Our book expansion project was to build a scarecrow using the parts the little old lady meets in the woods while walking home.

We started with some cutting on the line practice – 

Then more glue stick work (we’re getting there). Last was to retell the story and glue down the pre-cut item in the color they chose.

As each piece was added the children glued their scarecrow part where they wanted.      

Think we ended up with some really incredible scarecrows. When I hung them up rather than going to the cubbies, there was a little anxiety that I was keeping them and they could not take home. I reassured them that they were going home, but I wanted to enjoy them until then.

That was ok.

Lesson details at Preschool Lessons.

(PS-The children keep repeating the actions of the scarecrow parts while playing the rest of the morning, so I wrote up, copied off and attached to each picture.)

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  1. With all of the talk around Halloween topics, my son has started to point out and label things that are scary to him. At this point, most are minor ones that he moves on from really quickly. However, more intense fears are starting to crop up (i.e. shadows). Anyone have advice on how to help him as we move further into this phase (particularly with a concept that is so hard for a 2 year old to understand)?

    • First, I always honor their expression of feelings. Next I might ask why it’s scary? That can give me an idea of where their thinking may really be at. Then it’s providing words and actions to let them know I’m there, I hear them, they are safe. For each child and even each situation that can be so different.
      Shadows go away with light, so maybe it’s a nightlite, or a small special flashlight that will give them comfort and a sense of control.
      You can also have fun making funny shadows with your hands, as a way of helping to understand the science of shadows.


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